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About Sarah Espejo

Sarah has been a passionate advocate for the every-day person since her childhood.  She keeps up with the injustices seen in her community and around the country to ensure she is educated, aware, and understanding about privilege and underrepresented populations in society, which often lead to human rights violations, crime, and disadvantaged positions within a community.  This essential pillar of Sarah's work acts as a driving force to ensuring she advocates for your matter to her highest level of compassion, expertise, and efficiency possible.  Sarah also has a strong affinity for animal rights and advocates strongly against breed-specific legislation.

Sarah services the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas and offers mobile services to suit your needs.

Sarah specializes in some Ontario tribunals, traffic tickets contravening the Highway Traffic Act, 1990, Provincial Offences (such as bylaw infractions), and Ontario Landlord and Tenant matters. She also takes on limited scope retainers for legal research. 

Everyone deserves justice that is affordable, honest, and effective. Let us represent you today.

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